The Granaries opened it doors for the first time on 16th November 1990 following the dream of the late Clem Rodney, a property dealer who, from his younger years as a dancer, had always wished for a nightclub of his own.


A derelect building in the beginning, Clem bought the property and transformed it into what is now one of the most prestigious clubs around. For almost a quarter of a century, this venue has continued to pull crowds from all walks of life and from a variety of areas throughout the country. We even see customers from other countries who have heard about the the club and make a point to come and rave when visiting England.


This is a multi-cultural club, offering music from various genres to satisfy most tastes. We make it our policy to keep the youth out and the 'grown ups' in!! Hence it is an over 22's Venue, requiring smart/casual dress. This means no hats, caps, baggy or torn clothing items. No tracksuits.  No white trainers or air bubbles.

To enable your safety at all times, we have a strict search policy and employ only the best security staff, of which there are up to 15 at any one time, almost treble the amount required by law.

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